+WFAL 2016 Final report from the global assembly in Valencia, Spain. 15.04.2016
+Synthèse de la rencontre mondiale FMAT2016 à Valencia, Espagne. 15.04.2016
+Síntesis del encuentro mundial FMAT 2016 en Valencia, España. 15.04.2016
+First day-first impressions of World Forum on Acces to Land. 31.03.2016
Wfal World Meeting Agenda
New website landaccessforum.org
+ Second meeting of the International Organizational Comittee (IOC) for the WFAL 2016 (3th and 4th of November of 2014 at FAO, Rome).
+ The World Forum on Acces to Land (WFAL) at the World Social Forum (WSF) in Tunisia.
+ The WFAL at the Global Land Forum of ILC.