возможности для волонтеров

Are you interested in contributing to the WFAL process? Your skills are needed. There are many opportunities to help out with the WFAL before, during, and after the Global Assembly by providing translation, writing, and communications services as well as knowledge about particular land access issues. We would be happy to discuss these opportunities with you and to match your skills with specific areas of need. Please contact the secretariat: secretariat@landaccessforum.org. Areas of need:
  • Translation and interpreting services:

WFAL discussions, and the WFAL website, require translation and interpreting in several different languages. Existing website content, which is in 7 different languages (English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Russian, and French), needs improvement. Don’t hesitate to improve translations or provide new translations of brief messages and/or more substantial texts from home, according to your availability!

Do you have simultaneous interpreting skills? We need interpreters to help out with multilingual discussions that will take place during the Global Assembly workshops in Valencia!

  • Communications:

The WFAL cannot achieve the objectives of 1. Building public (in urban areas in particular) awareness about the crucial importance of access to land and natural resource and 2. Resulting in concrete political, and practical, steps to provide more and better access to a majority of marginalized rural people currently in the process of being evicted, if it does not successfully attract public and media attention.

We need help developing communications strategies that will allow us to effectively share written, audio, and video contents about the WFAL process (regional preparation phase and Global Assembly) and its results (analyses, proposals) online and via other outlets. If you have experience with online communications strategies or video production, and/or if you have media contacts in your country or on your continent, don’t hesitate to contact us!

  • Summary of WFAL 2015 participant contributions:

The WFAL is collecting written and video contributions from participants leading up to the Global Assembly. These will be used to create diagnostic reports to inform each participant about the land and natural resource access issues in all continents and other participants’ experiences and actions. If you are knowledgeable about issues of land and natural resource access, and have the ability to analyze and summarize information, you can contribute in facilitating WFAL participants’ experiences exchanges.

  • Logistical support during the Global Assembly in Valencia

We want to make sure that forum participants from all over the world feel comfortable and listened to. The local organizing committee is recruiting a team of volunteers responsible for facilitating communication between forum participants and organizers and providing practical information and assistance at all times. If you would like to participate in the event as a volunteer, let us know. We will put you in contact with the Global Assembly’s local organizing committee.

*Please inform us about your intent to volunteer via email at secretariat@landaccessforum.org. Please send your C.V. with your message.