More than 400 participants to the World Forum on Access to Land March, 31st-April 2nd, Valencia (Spain)

The Global Assembly of the WFAL took place between March 31st and April 2nd 2016, on the campus of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain, for three days of works ant debates within plenary sessions and workshops.
It gathered representatives of the three categories of the WFAL call signees, with a majority of farmer and civil society organizations, both rural (pastoralists, fisher men and women, forests dwellers, indigenous communities) and urban, and notably women and youth organizations. They came from 70 countries of Africa, Asia, Northern and Southern America, and Europe.
These organizations and people worked and debated with other participants: researchers, representatives from governmental institutions (local, national and international), and representatives of other sectors who came to express themselves with respect to the terms of the WFAL call and the rules of the debate as established by the International Organizing Committee.
They confronted their analysis of the last decades evolutions in rural areas, and their impacts on cities. They identified the political measures which are necessary to solve the problems that constitute these evolutions. They drawn citizen actions needed to have this measures effectively adopted and implemented, and to correct the damaging trends.
You can consult here the Final Report which was established along the three days-work and read at the closing session of the Forum, the Synthesis of the thirteen workshops, the complete program of the Forum (agenda and complementary activities), and the full list of participants.

WFAL2016 Final Report

April 2016

Access the Final Report from the World Forum on Access to Land and Natural Resources WFAL 2016

Synthesis of the WFAL world meeting workshops

Read the synthesis of the 13 workshops

Final thematic Agenda

You can consult the final thematic programme of the global forum (March, 31st, April, 1st & 2nd 2016 at the Polytechnic University of Valencia in Spain) :

Agenda-Complementary activities

You can consult the complementary activities during the global forum:

Final and complete list of participants

You can consult the final list of participants who confirmed their participation in the Agenda.


Many participants to the WFAL world meeting accepted to share their experience through videos. Their interviews are progressively posted here.